About Us

Niamh and Ruby’s is a family run business, and we started selling baby clothes and accessories in the early part of the last decade. In 2013 we moved into the Makinson Arcade in the Wigan Town Centre, and since then we have been increasing our range of Designer Baby, Flower Girl, Christening and Communion wear.

What sets us apart is our friendly and helpful approach to all our customers. We’re passionate about bringing our loyal customers the best in baby wear, time after time. Because we are parents ourselves we have a good idea of what makes a child look and feel good. For example, when your child comes to try on one of our Communion Gowns we want them to feel special, and enjoy the experience. For them and you it is a very important time in their lives.

We have now launched the Niamh and Ruby’s website mainly through the pressure from our local customers and customers who have found us on social media sites such as facebook. We have found that over time some of our customers have moved away from the area, but still wanted to buy from us. They would ring up and ask us to post out to them

So in a nutshell our policy is pretty simple and straight forward, treat your customers exactly how you would wish to be treated yourself, and do the very best for them time after time.